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Between Microcosm and Macrocosm


n Natalja Nouri’s work, the cultures, concepts, and symbolism of East and West collide in a mysterious symbiosis. And yet she still does not fit easily into the category of the multicultural scene as we know it.

She follows her own way, belongs to no school. The motifs, themes and creative tasks with which she concerns herself, are traditional signs, symbolism and her own symbols. She asks questions about what holds the world together in its most elemental sense - the hidden connections between macrocosm and microcosm. Natalja Nouri draws micro-organisms which she uses as a metaphor for galaxies to demonstrate the unity of micro and macro cosmos.

The genetic chain is a preoccupation of the artist and it features repeatedly in her work, illustrating how the very essence of humanity source is connected to nature, entwined inseparably within the entire cosmos. Whatever the scale of her art, she works with an accuracy that is correct to the last millimeter. Nothing is left to chance; even the smallest detail becomes a miniature of astonishing verisimilitude.

The thoughts of painting of Natalja Nouri


atalja is tireless in her search of symbolic and allegorical representations of mental, spiritual and psychological connections as she creates her own peculiar, idiosyncratic imagery. Those seeking to interpret her pictograms will discover that enlightenment can be found within the secrets of theology, cosmology, psychology, the kabala, and mathematics.

Natalja Nouri’s paintings draw the viewer into contemplation and meditation. The energy that emanates from her paintings in the form of currents flowing from darkness to light, from negative to positive and from male to female, does not seem wild and fierce, but somehow contained - tamed. This impression is reinforced by the fact that many of her symbolic works are characterized by covert or overt symmetric structures.

Her surrealistic and symbolist works are thought-centred. Her use of colour is purposeful, never wasteful and in some of her work, approaches pure abstraction.


Art Palm Beach, 21.01.-25.01.2015
MOCA Beijing, 11.07.-25.08.2015
Miami Art Fair, 04.-06.12.2015


TUHH, 15.01.-27.03.2016
Pashmin Art, 01.06.- 30.06.2016
Scope New York, 03.03.-06.03.2016


Art Canton 2014, 15 - 19 October
Art Scope Basel 2014, 17 - 22 June
Art Monaco 2014, 24 - 27 April
Art Scope New York 2014, 6 - 9 March


Art Scope Miami 2013, 3 - 8 December
Shanghai Art Fair 2013, 14 - 17 Nov.
Art Scope Basel 2013, 10 - 16 June
Art Beijing 2013, 30 April - 3 May
Art Monaco 2013, 25 - 28 April


Shanghai Art Fair 2012, 1 - 4 Nov.
Art Bejing 2012, 29 April - 2 May
Art Madrid 2012, 16 - 19 Feb.


Hamburg 2011, 10 March - 15 April
Pashmin Art Gallery


Contemporary Istanbul 2010, 24 - 27 Nov.
Hamburg 2010, 30 Aug. - 13 Oct.
Pashmin Art Gallery


Hamburg 2008, 12 Aug. - 16 Oct.
Pashmin Art Gallery


Hamburg 2006, 26 Oct. - 14 Dec.
Pashmin Art Gallery


Art Fair Nimes 2004, 22 - 29 October


Hamburg 2003, 2 Nov. - 17 Dec.
Pashmin Art Gallery


Hamburg 2001, 2 Nov. - 8 Dec.
Pashmin Art Gallery

Art of England - Art Magazine

Artistic Text about her work.

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